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The Muslim Cultural Centre & Mosque was established in 1975. After initially raising money to lay the foundations of the mosque, funds had run dry. There was the possibility that the city council would sell the land off to another buyer if the mosque was not completed within two years. Thus the mosque trustees went to local communities for donations, both Muslim and non-Muslim. Soon enough, sufficient money was raised to pay for the building and completion of the mosque in 1993. 

Gravesend Mosque

Since the mosque’s erection, it has become a focal point for the Muslim community. Over the years, Muslims have used the mosque for events, meetings, lectures, studies and community and educational purposes. One of the original founders of the mosque committee still make up the mosque management or are trustees of the mosque.

Mosque Design

The mosque itself has got a basement and two floors. On the ground floor there are two large Halls for prayers which can easily accommodate several hundred worshippers at any one time. There are additional prayer rooms in the basement and on the first floor. A new mortuary and wudu areas have recently been constructed and planning permission has been given for teh construction of a first floor extension which is currently under progress.